A bit off topic but this pisses me off…

So Ragen lives with her girlfriend, Julianne.  And they adopted a dog from someone that supposedly died of cancer.   But when I saw this:


I was livid.  According to this, they let the poor dog suffer for two months because they couldn’t afford to take it to the vet?  Then raised almost $3,500 to get the dog treatment?

Excuse my skepticism but I smell another scam.

And in true Ragen fashion, Julianne provides no proof.  There is no accountability.  There is only her word.    And the $3500 that was raised for this dog.

I call bullshit.  What kind of person lets their dog suffer (she said it, not me) for two fucking months until they could get other people to pay for it’s treatment?

Are people really this gullible?




10 thoughts on “A bit off topic but this pisses me off…

  1. I volunteer at a no-kill humane society. We get sick animals like this little dog sometimes. I asked the director what she thought about the way this little dog was treated. She asked that I not use her name, so I won’t. She said that a sick puppy would never have been allowed to be adopted unless it was proven that the persons adopting had the financial means to provide the treatment and follow up care it needed. My opinion is that this adoption is cruel and dishonest. Imagine this poor little dog, waiting, sick, hoping for Ragen and Julianne to do the right thing. Is there no hustle that’s beneath this woman? Nothing she won’t exploit for money? Thank God she has no children.

    • Not that I believe her but I got a dog off Craigslist that the owner knowingly pawned off to me because she had a liver shunt which is the same condition as the dog referenced above. Unless she got the dog from an actual shelter then there is little to no oversight on who can adopt what.. That said the surgery for my dog is going to cost me a 1000.00 dollars and the test (ultrasound or something like that to see inside) to verify the liver shunt was several hundred dollars so the price they raised of 3500 was exorbitant and ridiculous amount to raise for this dog which leads me to believe it was a scam.

  2. I’m confused, where does she say that she had the pug for two months without treating him? It sounded more like the previous owner had the pug up until they died, and then Ragen picked it up.

  3. She got the dog in April and did not get the (supposed) surgery until June = 2 months. There is a sucker born every minute, and Ragen seems to have a nose for every single one of them.

  4. For the first time, Ragen did post the financials, though I still think every word out of her mouth is covered in saturated fat and dishonesty.
    This is directly from the GoFundMe:

    $2887.59 – Total donated on GoFundMe (after fees)
    + $256.00 – Total donated offline
    $3143.59 – Total Raised

    – $540.75 – Neurological Exam, Acid Bile Test, Meds (Lactulose and Metronidazole) (Dr. Berry)
    – $495.00 – Scintigraphy (Dr. Broome)
    – $1224.10 – CT Scan (Dr. Broome)
    – $33.24 – Medication (Lactulose) (Dr. Ebling)
    – $1500.00 – Surgery Deposit (Dr. Hays)

    $3793.09 Total Expenses Paid
    -$3143.59 Amount Raised
    $649.50 – Paid by Julianne & Ragen

    • Late to the party on my own blog. But seriously – they needed to crowdfund the surgery, paid over $600 out of pocket, then took off for Austin TX less than six weeks later for a vacay? Fuck no. Even I am not that naive. And to be honest, I am really naive.

  5. What do you care if someone raised more money than needed to pay for medical expenses for the dog? Many times when there is a medical issue of an animal or a human, there are other costs associated. Did you read the part about the special diet they prepared? Dogs with medical issues do often require special diets and I don’t see those expenses outlined in the medical costs, but they do occur. There are always “undocumented” expenses, such as time spent away from work, etc. I looked this person up since she is scheduled to be a speaker at an event and I did not know anything about her. What I am finding is that there are a lot of people who have a lot to say about something when they could be taking action to help others instead. Such a sad state of affairs that so much time is spent trying to make other people look bad. If people want to donate to the cause, so what? Do you believe that adults are incapable of making decisions for themselves and need you to point out the mistakes they are making? Talk about self righteous.

    • Because Ragen has a history of crowdfunding projects that she never completes? So yes – I do question this. Look at her history.

      1. http://www.gofundme.com/InOurOwnWords The history of fat activism. She raised over $2600. Results? Three phoned in interviews posted to a website. Find me one instance in that project where she actually interviewed anyone. Three people answered questions. Phoned it in. And she got paid over $2600 for that??? http://fatactivisthistory.org/see-the-interviews/

      2. Next, the paper mache project. She was smart this time – had the money sent directly to paypal. No way to track what she received. Recycle your bottles and send the money to Ragen. They are going to build the biggest paper mache sculpture of a fat person, and get in the Guinness (sp?) Book of World Records. That was over a year ago. Where did that money go? Because that never happened.

      So yes, I do question the surgery for the dog. And that crowdfund. It was started on April 23 yet on June 1, both Ragen and Julianne flew from LA to Austin. Who paid for that? Even if Ragen had a speaking engagement and her travel was covered, who paid for Julianne?

      You can’t beg for money for a dog surgery and less than six weeks later go on vacation. That’s just bad form.

  6. Why hasn’t someone reported her on go fund me for fraud? I’m not too familiar with the procedures, but one of the rules said you can report seine if they have not used the funds in a reasonable amount of time. I think this should count. And CT scan on a dog is a really strange test to run. I worked at a vets office for 3 years and I never had anyone who ran that test for a pet. It was only suggested for animals with brain or spinal cord issues.

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