Ragen Chastain and the History of Fat Activism Interviews…

In July, 2013, Ragen Chastain set up a GoFundMe.  She asked for $5,000 to  help her give ‘fat activists the opportunity to share their history, wisdom and advice in their own words to anyone who has internet access’.  Her words. She posted a list of 15 people that agreed to be interviewed.  She said “The first phase of this project will cost $5,000 including travel, equipment, editing, etc. I’m going to start immediately and keep going as funds come in. There are lots of ways you can help.”

She collected over $2600.

And the results?  

Here:  http://fatactivisthistory.org/see-the-interviews/

Three interviews.  For $2600.  If you watch the videos, there is no indication that she even did this in person.  Or used any special equipment. And where is the editing?

For arguments sake, let’s say she did interview them in person.  All three people live in the San Francisco area.  She lives in LA, less than 400 miles away.  A round trip flight with two nights in a hotel shouldn’t cost more than $500.  $700 if she bought two seats on the flight. Half of the money was raised and she delivered 1/5th of what she promised.  So where is the rest of the money?

Ragen – Prove me wrong.  Show everyone that donated to this cause your financials.  What did you do with their money?

6 thoughts on “Ragen Chastain and the History of Fat Activism Interviews…

  1. […] In Our Own Words: A Fat Activist History was supposed to be a “verbal history” of the fat activism movement. On the GoFundMe page, Ragen promised to interview prominent fat activists as well as people of all walks of life underrepresented in fat activism. She posted a list of 15 women who had agreed to be interviewed, with the implication of further interviews to follow. […]

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