Ragen Chastain, Paper Mache and Diet Books. Oh my…

Let’s talk about the  Size Diversity Task Force.   “The Size Diversity Task Force is a member-supported, member-run organization that advocates for equal rights and social justice for people of all sizes, weights, shapes, and abilities.”  And according to her blog, she just runs their website.  

Do a Go Daddy search.  It is registered to Ragen.  Look at the  registration form for the Las Vegas meeting.  The registration fees are being collected by Ragen’s girlfriend, who coincidentally, lives at the same address as Ragen.  All donations are sent directly via Paypal.

But let’s get back to this ’cause’.  Because once again, Ragen makes promises that she can’t doesn’t keep.   Ragen is now asking for money to make the world’s largest body positive paper mache sculpture.  And she is even going to get it in the Guinness Book of World Records.

On 1/7/2013, she makes a video asking people to return soda cans and donate the money to the Size Diversity Task Force.  All money is to be sent via paypal.

On 3/3/13, she held a “Diet Book Liberation” event.  She got together with a bunch of friends to buy used diet books to use for this sculpture.

On 1/17/2014, she held an ‘Activism Weekend‘ to build this sculpture.

The last update to the blog about this project was 5/13/2013.

So, as any legit charity would disclose, how much was donated?   How much was spent on diet books?  How much went to expenses?   Where is the sculpture?  Where is the accountability?  And what happened to all of the money that people donated?


5 thoughts on “Ragen Chastain, Paper Mache and Diet Books. Oh my…

    • I get that. But as you said, they were posted publicly. And there really wasn’t any other way. As Sir Walter Scott once said, “Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practise to deceive!”

      The purpose here is try to get to the bottom of Ragen and her practice of preying on people to exploit them and make money. We want to expose her shenanigans. And she is pretty good at this. She’s been fooling people for years. It is time to set the record straight.

      So no, it wasn’t cool that we linked to a page that included her address. But hell, if she is more than happy to have people send their hard earned money there, I have no problem linking to a page, on her own website.

  1. If you click on the Size Diversity Task Force link above you will find thumbnails at the bottom. Some include email addresses. I sent emails to any of them I could, asking what exactly happened to the sculpture. I’ll include any responses I get in my next comment.

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